Week 7 Oct. 26th - Nov. 1st


For this spooky week of Halloween here is a strangely named South American flower for everyone to see. I'd hate to ask this little guy Trick or Treat? Do you think he would suck your blood?

Amaryllidaceae Haemanthus albiflos also named "White Blood Lily"

Week 6 Oct 19th - Oct 25th


A tasty treat this week. I was very tempted to make a salad with this sweet lady. Please enjoy Tropaeolum majus also known as the Nasturtium.

Week 5 Oct 12th- Oct 18th


While visiting with my mother-in-law, my husband and I stopped with her to photograph a few of the remaining flowers in the English garden she tends. I found this bloom that I have to share with you. Here posing patiently is Nigilla also known as "Love in the Mist" hope all you enjoy this small fella. I know it was love at first sight for me.

Week 4 Oct 5th - Oct 11th


This week I have a sad kind of flower for those of you that follow history. I present to you Euphorbia Milii also known as "The Crown of Thorns" She flowers all year long to show her beauty maybe to seek forgiveness. Not only would you steer clear of her sap, it causes a skin reaction very similar to poison ivy. It is also very toxic and used to kill and stun fish. Please enjoy this sharp and toxic beauty.