Week 15 Dec. 23rd - Jan. 3rd


This week shall be a bowl full of carnivores. I share with you Dionaea muscipula or the Venus Fly Trap. Please enjoy this fascinating group of cold blooded killers.

Week 13 Dec. 14th - Dec. 20th


Please pass the Clematis oops I mean the pepper. Once used many years ago as a substitute for black pepper. This week is this Clematis gone to seed. In all its toxic feathery glory. By the way I do not recommend eating this as you will experience internal bleeding if consumed in large amounts. I really like this version of the climbing beauty as you rarely give it any attention after all the pretty petals are gone. I hope everyone's holiday shopping is going great! You still have 8 days left.

Week 12 Dec. 7th - Dec. 13th


This was a rare find indeed. Only in the coldest of winter days could I find this beauty in a temperature regulated greenhouse. She stuck out like a sore thumb! :) For this week I present to you Strelitzia reginae well known as The Bird of Paradise. I don't know about you but I would love to be somewhere this bird flocks naturally.

Week 11 Nov. 30th - Dec. 6th


A simple way to start a very complex month! Here she is, the Tea Rose. Hope everyone's December is fantastic!