Week 13 Dec. 14th - Dec. 20th

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Please pass the Clematis oops I mean the pepper. Once used many years ago as a substitute for black pepper. This week is this Clematis gone to seed. In all its toxic feathery glory. By the way I do not recommend eating this as you will experience internal bleeding if consumed in large amounts. I really like this version of the climbing beauty as you rarely give it any attention after all the pretty petals are gone. I hope everyone's holiday shopping is going great! You still have 8 days left.


Day4plus said...

Very pretty. It seems all types of Clematis have interesting seed pods. MB

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

UNusual flower, quite delicate.
Wishing you a very merry Christmas and all thebest for the year ahead.
Melbourne Daily Photo

Lee Spangler said...

Merry Christmas, Krise and Don. This is Sheryl in Astoria on Lee's (Bend Daily Photo) account. Sorry about that. I don't have much online time today!

GardenerX said...

I dont know why but I couldnt leave a comment on the Venus Flytrap picture but the shots are great, Thank you for sharing. I will be back to look at more as and when you post.