Week 8 Nov. 9th - Nov. 15th

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This week is a rare one indeed! Here in all its baby size glory I give you Agave americana better known to most as the Century Plant. Click here for a great link to a Century Plant in bloom.


Lois said...

That's a big one! I've never seen one bloom before so I'll have to visit your link.

Day4plus said...

Agave americana can also be grown outside here in western Washington--as long as it does not get it's feet wet for a long period of time. The Agave Parryi(and others) won't grow here--only indoors. I though that was interesting. I had a A.americana for many years and one winter it died. Never bloomed though---I'm not that old. LOL
Very pretty pic--is that your indoor jungle? MB

gogouci said...

Lovely use of the incoming light. You really gave this scene a dramatic effect.